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Why Have a Private Jet Broker When You Can Go Directly to the Jet Operator?

Why have a constitution broker when you could go instantly to the operator? This is a subject that I talk about always with present purchasers and prospect clients. I mainly see purchasers looking to go the operator straight and the one thing I invariably see taking place finally is that they went instantly to them and they received burned. They then call me again and say I was placed on… Read Article →


Private Jet Cards – Pluses and Minuses to Owning One!

Why do men and women purchase confidential Jet cards? They buy Jet playing cards because they want a constant hourly rate. There are a number of predominant confidential Jet Card organizations. The two greatest presently are Marquis Jet and Sentient Jet. Marquis Jet was began in 2001 to allow you to buy 25 hour cards off the NetJets fleet. Sentient Jet does now not own or operate any aircraft. Again… Read Article →